Aleksandr Lutsenko

Aleksandr Lutsenko was born in Cheboksary, Russia. He majored in electrical engineering and has worked in television since 1999. He started as an editor, cameraman and broadcast journalist in the southern cities of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Rostov-on-Don. Since 2002 he has worked in Moscow on a wide variety of media projects, including at the world-renowned Mosfilm movie studio.

After joining RT in 2006, Aleksandr’s desire for professional growth led him to take a course at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. This course opened new horizons and professional interests. As a result, Aleksandr currently works as a filmmaker at RT Documentary. During his time with RTD, Aleksandr has completed several dozen projects, most notably ‘On top of the world’, ‘Children of Tundra’, ‘The Permafrost Mystery’, and ‘Love Syndrome’. While working on these projects, he developed as a director, producer, and cameraman. Now he is focusing on mastering the skills of a cameraman.

“For me, documentary filmmaking is mostly about two things. First, it’s about uncovering the truth about people, events, or phenomena. Second, it’s about finding the right way to show every story I am filming, as all these stories are unique”.

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