Alexander Kopysov

Aleksandr Kopysov is a journalist and filmmaker who has written more than 50 documentaries. Aleksandr worked for many years as a reporter covering events in many different conflict zones, a role that took him to various destinations including Dagestan, Chechnya, Yugoslavia, Angola, Rwanda and Afghanistan.

In 1999 his ‘Participation in International Humanitarian Operations’ was recognized when he was awarded the UN medal.

In 2001 Aleksandr switched to television journalism, he was a co-creator of ‘Top Secret’, a popular national TV programme in Russia. 2007 he was one of the few to start making the first documentaries for the international TV channel, Russia Today.

His professional interest focuses on investigating local military conflicts and exploring human behaviour in extreme situations. He enjoys a number of hobbies and is an accomplished musician able to play a wide range of instruments, including saxophone, guitar, and unusually for a Russian, the Scottish bagpipes! 

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