Andrey Molodykh

Andrey Molodykh was born in the city of Kemerovo in 1978. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology and Journalism at the Kemerovo State University before moving to Moscow and entering the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. At the time, he worked as a journalist for local newspapers. Finally, he graduated from the Institute with a major in scriptwriting.

As a director, Andrey decided to shoot his first documentary film in Somalia. He found an interesting story about a doctor who works for Somali pirates. He made the film using his own money. Though the film wasn’t a success, it was full of good reporting, and so it got onto the cover of the Russian Reporter magazine. This is how Andrey became a journalist. He wrote reports from Libya, Syria, Iran, and many other countries. But he still wanted to make films.

When RT Documentary was looking for material about Somali pirates, Andrey had a lot to share. This is how he got to know the team he later came to work with. Since 2014 Andrey has worked at RT Documentary as a writer and director. During his time with RTD, he completed several dozen projects, most notably ‘Eternal Boy’, ‘Haters Gonna Hate’, ‘Misha, your African brother’ series, ‘Machete Boys of Congo’, ‘Beauty and the Bleach’, ‘Yakuza: Good For Nothing’, ‘Gangnam Stress’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘Red Waters’, ‘Isaac. The Story of a Little Giant’, ‘The Immortals’, and ‘Tolerance Du Voyage’.

“I have a very interesting job. I communicate a lot with people, transform their stories into documentaries. We travel all over the world and find ourselves amid significant events - it never gets boring. RTD is a real workshop for me. I am very grateful to my editorial staff for unlimited practical possibilities. It was here that I really learned how to shoot documentaries.”

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