Alyona Simikina

Instead of making you read my boring biography, I offer you some tips on how to check whether you’re doing the right thing in your life:

1. You can work anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

2. You're plunged immediately into your work process. Concentrating on tasks becomes a form of meditation. Time and everything surrounding you ceases to matter.

3. You feel a constant need to grow professionally and gain new knowledge. You're always discussing your future career.

4. You share your knowledge without expecting anything in return. You're able to pick up new skills quickly and easily – making it easy for you to share with others. You aren't troubled by the thought that someone might surpass you, having benefited from your knowledge.

5. You're open to everything new. Your job fills you with positive energy and makes you want to throw yourself into exciting tasks. You're open to new journeys, meeting new people and experimenting.

6. Money's not a limiting factor. If you're totally involved in your passion, then you're willing to spend a great deal of money on it. With time, it will easily become a source of income.

7. You notice that things you want to happen start to occur by themselves – all you have to do is watch. New people and creative ideas seem to appear in your life of their own accord.

This is how I live my life and I consider myself a completely happy person.

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