James Brown

As a documentary maker and news correspondent, James Brown specialises in all things Russian. He was one of the RT’s first employees and was the host and writer of 'Englishman vs Russia', a series looking at some of Russia's more extreme, and quirky, places and professions. ‘Discovering Russia’ was another of James’ documentary series looking at life and culture throughout the world’s biggest country. The programme won the Yury Senkevich National Tourism Prize for Best Russian Tourism programme of 2011. His new documentary series, "Tested on Mr. Brown" explores various lifestyles in Russia. 

Hands on in all his shows, James’s journeys have seen him working with coal miners in Siberia, training with the Russian Paratroop regiment and sailing to the North Pole with the Sochi 2014 Olympic flame. As a news correspondent he has reported on stories throughout Russia, the CIS and Europe, including live coverage of Russia and Kyrgyzstan’s Presidential elections, Ukraine’s worst post-Soviet mining disaster and anti-US demonstrations from the Czech capital, Prague.

Born and raised in the UK, James is a graduate of Bristol University and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the London College of Communication

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