Miguel Francis-Santiago

Raised between the two superpowers, Miguel Francis-Santiago is the son of an American-Chilean father and mother originally from Moscow but now a naturalized American. Miguel is a TV & Film graduate in Media Production from AIU Los Angeles. 

His first adventure for RT was the investigative documentary "Crimea for Dummies" where Miguel explored the reality of the "Crimean occupation by Russia" and the on-going "humanitarian crisis" there. Miguel has since been to war-torn Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, investigated the intricacies of the on-going Information war back home in the U.S, and conducted his own human experiment exploring "how it is to be pregnant", along with his wife Kristina, who really was! 

Miguel is passionate about music and his favorite foods are Shrimp Scampi and a Chipotle Mexican rice-bowl, Miguel also enjoys swimming. Outgoing, fun and always examining history in search of facts to bring you the truth.

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