Mikhail Barynin

Mikhail Barynin was born in Moscow into a large family with many children. He went to a regular middle school, but when he was in the 9th grade, his older sister decided to transfer him to the Moscow International Film School. It was there he became interested in documentary filmmaking and tried to make his first documentaries.

Then he entered the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. During his time at the Institute, his teacher Sergei Miroshnichenko motivated him to make documentaries about unique people who live autonomous lives. In his third year, he began to travel around Russia to shoot student work. He shot a large project in Tuva for the Russian Geographical Society.

In 2016, Mikhail’s film ‘24 Snows’ was released, becoming a turning point in his career. After this film, Mikhail began to look for a place where he could work permanently, and it was then that he came to work for RT.

Mikhail has been working at RT Documentary since 2016. During his time with RTD, he completed several dozen projects, most notably ‘Imprisoned’ series, ‘Breaking Bad Wolf’‘Reaping Divine Justice’‘I Want My Sex Back’‘Dragon of Afghanistan’‘Western Sahara: Determined’‘Gandhi’s Footsteps’‘Trans-Sport’‘The Beast of Zone 3’‘Skybound’‘My Forever Family’‘Find My General!’and ‘World War Zero. Lost in Action’.

“What I like most about documentary filmmaking is the chance to trace the changes in a human life throughout a film. It’s an opportunity to live a life together with the protagonist. The ultimate goal of any documentary is to change something for the better, and the director must be able to show these changes, to show that even in the most disadvantaged places and hopeless situations, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.”

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