Nikita Sutyrin

Nikita was born in 1981 in Yekaterinburg. He studied journalism at the Ural State University and documentary film-making at the directors’ department of the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). He has produced and directed films shot in Russia and abroad, in the Far North, the taiga and the jungle, in presidential apartments and in various troubled ‘hot spots’. Before starting work for RT Doc he wrote his own brief manifesto for the profession:

 ·    Documentary film-making isn’t a job, but a lifestyle. You can’t just be a documentary film-maker 9 to 5 with a lunch break. Documentary film-making is a system of interrelationships with reality, a view of the world and a technique for understanding it.

 ·    You can find a suitable film subject anywhere. There are no uninteresting subjects, boring people or locations where ‘there’s nothing to film’. What may happen though is that the filmmaker grows tired and blasé.

 ·    Cinematic language is the priority. The image trumps the verbal. If it’s easier to explain an issue in words than on the screen, then write an article.

 ·    Knowing when not to shoot is no less important than handling the camera properly. At times, choosing not to film is the highest act of humanism.

 ·    Whatever meanings or messages you include in your film, viewers will always understand it in their own way and the viewer is the final authority.

 ·    Digital films of our century will never be finite or linear. However intense and interactive a film might be, life remains richer and more complicated. This is what inspires us to work further.

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