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119 Lives Unlived. Auschwitz Archives

I have the names of 119 members of my family who died in the Holocaust but I understand from historians that number could be double because all the “Slier” women would have changed their surnames when they married. I know nothing about most of the 119 family members other than seeing their names recorded by Yad Vashem. In the Auschwitz archives I find eight death certificates – one records that a certain Meir Slier survived one-and-a-half years in Auschwitz before being deported to Buchenwald. To think that he was deported just days before Auschwitz was liberated! As my guide tells me, these death certificates are nonsense – they list as causes of death illnesses like pneumonia, and the times are fictitious. I assume most of my family was gassed on arrival at Auschwitz and hence no one took the time to write about them. 

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