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Afghanistan After the US

Picking up the pieces

“Afghanistan after the US” is a film by RT Documentary that delves into the nature of two decades of American presence.

After the 9/11 tragedy, America declared “war on terrorism”, which, among other things, meant sending troops to Afghanistan to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden, who was in hiding protected by the Afghan Taliban.
But even after bin Laden was captured and executed in 2011, US and NATO troops stayed to fight against the Taliban, a recognised terrorist organisation. That intention was reflected in the security agreements.

The reality proved to be different. The allied forces continued to pursue the Taliban, seeming to ignore the immense collateral damage. Bombs aimed at the Taliban hit schools, hospitals, and homes. The air raids caused hundreds of casualties, with a great many women and children among them.

When the new NATO mission, Resolute Support, came into effect, America’s military presence was reduced while retaining the military bases in Afghanistan. Though this move seemed to be a good PR for then-President Barack Obama, it caused even more havoc.

The American troops were leaving the country in disarray, but now the Afghan forces had to bear the brunt of military operations, and they were not up to that task. Another group of people who got left out were the service workers for the western allies, like the translators. Not only were they left jobless, but they were also considered tainted and now fear for their lives as traitors. And it seems they will not be getting any protection or support from their former employers.

What else was Afghanistan left with after the US withdrawal?