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Alienated Love

The beauty of being different

Alienated love is a film about Lyosha, a young man with a rare genetic disorder trying to navigate through life with the help of his loving adoptive family.

Lyosha’s family left him when he was born. People were surprised by his extraordinary appearance, and many had mixed reactions. However, his teachers and new family were delighted to learn how kind and warm Lyosha is. His adoptive mother loves spending time with him because he is very helpful around the house and is always in a good mood.

Lyosha has a rare genetic disorder called ablepharon-macrostomia syndrome, characterised by absent or underdeveloped eyelids and a wide mouth. There are only 16 people with this disease in the world. Regardless, Lyosha tries to live an everyday life. He has a lot of foster brothers and sisters; he plays with them, dreams about the future and has his own Tik Tok channel like any regular teenager.
Watch the film to learn more about Lyosha’s fantastic story.