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Breaking Bread

Who’s to blame for the looming food crisis?

A global hunger crisis appears inevitable. Up to 49 million people in 46 countries are knocking at famine’s door, according to UN food agencies. The Covid pandemic has already disrupted food supply chains, triggering food prices to soar. Now grains and oil seeds aren't getting to countries most dependant on others for food, especially in Africa.

World leaders are blaming Moscow for the hunger crisis, claiming it deliberately creates shortages and blocks million of tonnes of grain in Ukrainian ports. At the same time, Russia is a major supplier of the world’s exported wheat and rapeseed oil, as well as the most widely used fertilisers. Western sanctions, however, have prevented Russia from exporting food and fertiliser. Black Sea ports and Russian ships are sanctioned, while Ukraine has mined the waters in the Black Sea. The West is demanding that Russia fulfil its supply commitments without having the tools to do it. In the meantime, countries struggling with poverty and armed conflicts are bracing for another increase in food prices, poor harvest and looming famine. On top of this, experts warn of a fresh wave of migrants coming to Europe.

The documentary explores the real reasons behind a looming food crisis and how anti-Russian sanctions impacted vulnerable nations. It will take you to Mali in West Africa, where people have already felt the consequences.