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How a regular street cleaner became a fashion model

Our new documentary, Cinderfella, tells the story of a street cleaner who switched to modelling and became a local celebrity.

Yury was a regular guy who sorted garbage and cleaned the streets for a living and never imagined he'd be famous. His roommate, a photographer, had other ideas and developed an interest in Yury's life, and decided to take pictures of him on the road, sweeping the streets and resting at home. Then, he posted Yury's pictures online and the next morning, Yury woke up a star.

People began to recognize Yury on the streets and several glossy magazines published articles about him. He received several modelling contracts. He had his own photographic exhibition which proved a huge success but he still loves his cleaning job and has no plans to quit.

By day, Yury continues to sweep up and sort garbage, but he also has to find the time for a manicurist and barber. He's paid off all his debts and is now renovating a new apartment. Some say it won't last, but Yury is an optimist and he's happy to have had the experience because it's given him hope for a better future.