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Doctor Covid

Stories from the red zone

The COVID Doctor by RT Documentary follows the routine of the Russian respiratory specialist Dr Oleg Abakumov who explains his work in the COVID red zone on Instagram and tries to make medicine patient-friendly.

Oleg went to medical school when he was 16 and started doing ambulance shifts when he was in his third year. He decided to study pulmonology because he’d had asthma since a child, and this knowledge came in handy when he was assigned to the COVID red zone. Oleg was originally from the city of Voronezh to the south of Moscow, but when the COVID pandemic struck, he was determined to go to the capital to share the load of the Moscow doctors and help people.

For the same reason — making medicine closer to people — he decided to start an Instagram account. There he explains a lot about COVID, and his creative manner earned him the love and respect of his subscribers. Oleg is convinced that having a blog is an excellent thing if a doctor has a chance and a desire to do it because people look up medical information on the internet anyway. Advice from a licenced professional will do more good than just a piece of random information.

So Oleg made a trip to a COVID vaccine plane to see how the vaccine is produced with his own eyes and to show the process to his subscribers. Watch our film to find out how Oleg successfully juggles so many commitments.