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Eden for the Homeless

A retired couple built a community for the homeless

Eden Village is a tiny home community for chronically homeless with a disability in Springfield, Missouri. There are dozens of fully-furnished homes built for people who had no roof over their head for a long time. Eden Village is a brainchild of Linda Brown and her husband David, who wondered why some people end up on the streets.

They took on a mission to provide the homeless with a permanent housing and support from community. Residents pay $300 a month to live in Eden Village. They also can’t use drugs if they want to stay in their homes. Still, there are more people on the waiting list than there are homes in the community. In the meantime, people can stay at the Revive 66 nightly rental.

Over half a million Americans are homeless and millions more are ‘a paycheck away’ from becoming homeless. Substance abuse, addiction, disability, mental health problems, poverty- a multitude of things can make a person homeless. The documentary features heartbreaking stories of the Eden Village residents about how they lost their home and how it feels to start anew.

In the meantime, founders of Eden Village share their views on why homelessness is a community problem and why it the problem has to become visible. Find out how they are making people pay attention to homeless people.