Ex-convicts (E2) A mother is out of jail and trying to get her children back

They’ve spent years imagining the day when they’ll finally gain their freedom. Now that the moment has arrived, it feels surreal. This series follows three ex-convicts attempting to rebuild their lives and adjust to a world on the outside that has changed significantly in the time they’ve been locked away.

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Sergey spent almost eight years behind bars, for which he blames a former friend. Now that he is finally being released from prison, he intends never to return. However, to live an honest lifestyle, he must find a job. He has a responsibility to support his father as well as to pay his daughter's child support. Unfortunately, suitable vacancies are very poorly paid and employers are wary of hiring an ex-con. Still, Sergey remains optimistic as one of his friends has promised to help him find work. Does the offer still stand?

Natalya served over two and a half years in jail. While inside, her main ambition was to be reunited with her children. Her two boys are being kept in different orphanages, and Natalya will have to convince both institutions that she is a fit mother. Her first step towards her goal is to gain a steady income, and she hopes the professional skills she learnt while in prison will give her a boost in the job market. Her mother is on hand to offer moral support as she gets back on her feet. But will her efforts be enough to get her kids back?

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Olga was incarcerated for over six years for heroin abuse. Following her release, she wants to start her life anew, free from addiction and away from prison walls. Ultimately, she hopes to find her “Prince Charming” and start a family. In the meantime, Olga moves in with her mother who is hopeful that she will make the most of this chance of a fresh start. After finding work in a local restaurant, Olga’s new colleagues start to notice something unusual. Apparently, Olga is uncomfortable with life on the outside and almost nostalgic about her time in prison.

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