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Love: The best medicine

HIV-positive orphans find a new home with a Ukrainian family

Svetlana and Evgeny Isaevs have eleven children, nine of them are adopted. Seven of them have HIV, just like Evgeny. 

HIV-positive orphans find a new home with Ukrainian family
Svetlana Isaeva and her daughter Irina, who spent four months in the hospital suffering side effects of the wrong HIV treatment dose.

After losing one of their twins in childbirth, the couple decided to take a kid who was HIV positive. They say all children need parents, and those facing social stigma associated with HIV and AIDS do so the most. 

HIV-positive children adopted by Ukrainian couple
“My dream was to have parents, to have a mom and a dad,” says Sasha Isaeva, who lives with AIDS and tuberculosis.

RTD visits the family in Ukraine to find out how a loving environment helps these children with HIV and AIDS live a full and enjoyable childhood.

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