Lady of Business 11 September 2014 39

Lady of Business (E4) A business revival jeopardised by logistics issues

Anna has been selling children’s clothing for over 20 years. She used to buy goods in Turkey to resell in Moscow. Her shops were full of customers and she enjoyed a steady income. However, the recent economic crisis has pushed her business into the red. 

Now that she’s counting her losses instead of her profits, she decides to breathe life into her business. There’s the only one possible solution – a business trip to Turkey. The stakes couldn’t be higher as she’s forced to borrow money to finance the trip. She sets off for Turkey in search of a product with that special something that will fly off the shelves and save her from bankruptcy.

After a long day buying new clothing lines in a Turkish town, Anna returns to her hotel. She discovers that the parcel containing her most expensive purchases has not been delivered. The shop is half a day’s journey away, and as an experienced business woman, she knows that time is money. She makes every effort to contact the shop by phone, turning to some old friends to help with the language barrier. The shop promises to send it the same evening, but Anna has no time to wait. She decides to send her remaining parcels to Moscow, only to discover that all the parcel offices are closed for the New Year. It turns out that taking them with her on the plane is also impossible. Her only hope: the so-called ‘shaitans’, people who carry goods on their backs across the border. 

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Businesswoman Anna is the owner of kids’ clothes shops in Moscow, but her business has not been doing well for a while now. Gone are the times when traders frequented Turkey to get merchandise they could sell in Russia in a matter of days. Now Anna has to invest her last savings in a trip to Istanbul in hopes of finding a winning design that will boost her sales and save her business from bankruptcy. She dreams of organising a beautiful wedding for her son and his girlfriend and retiring in a cosy home tucked away in her husband’s native Georgian mountains. But all this requires money.  Tune in to find out if she can make the cut.

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