Lady of Business (E5) Torn between obligations to family and shop

This series focusses on a Moscow business woman with over 20 years’ experience in retail. Anna is the proud owner of two children's clothes shops. However, due to the recent economic conditions, her business is threatened with bankruptcy. 

Things are so bad that she is forced to consider closing down one of her shops. Summoning all her mental strength, Anna resolves to save her business. For that, she must go to Turkey and find something unique that will appeal to her customers. As she has no money to pay for the trip, she borrows money from an old friend with a promise to return it soon. Anna finds just the right product in Turkey, and despite the parcel offices being closed for the New Year, manages to expedite her new stock just in time. Fortunately, the new product is in huge demand and business booms. She earns her usual monthly income in only two days.

Just as her business woes become less acute, Anna is beset by a family problem. Her husband, Shota, must attend a relative’s christening in his native Georgia, and the trip will cost her dear. Anna hesitates: on the one hand she would like to invest in her business, but on the other, the religious ceremony is very important to Shota’s family and he cannot miss it. Eventually, she books a flight to Tbilisi and resigns herself to leaving issues in Moscow unsettled.

The first place Anna visits in Georgia is Lisi Lake in the mountains. Surrounded by the breath-taking Georgian landscape, Anna and Shota celebrate her arrival with a bottle of champagne. At the lake she finds out that she will be the one baptizing the baby. Happy and relaxed, Anna has no idea that there is trouble brewing in her shops, until the phone rings from Moscow. 

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Businesswoman Anna is the owner of kids’ clothes shops in Moscow, but her business has not been doing well for a while now. Gone are the times when traders frequented Turkey to get merchandise they could sell in Russia in a matter of days. Now Anna has to invest her last savings in a trip to Istanbul in hopes of finding a winning design that will boost her sales and save her business from bankruptcy. She dreams of organising a beautiful wedding for her son and his girlfriend and retiring in a cosy home tucked away in her husband’s native Georgian mountains. But all this requires money.  Tune in to find out if she can make the cut.

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