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Molyobka Russia’s anomalous zone

A crazy weekend with Russian ufologists

Molyobka is one of Russia’s most mysterious places, where people regularly report encounters with extraterrestrials. The quiet village in the Ural taiga is also listed among the eight best places for an alien hunt.
In the 1980s, a Soviet geologist allegedly discovered a large circular impression in snow, which he believed was a UFO landing site. Soviet tabloids picked up the story, turning Molyobka into a magnet for UFO enthusiasts.

Locals also feel the presence of the supernatural, claiming a hundred-year old pine has healed them, or they’ve seen quirky objects. An alien statue adorns one of the streets while flying saucers can be seen at a local bus stop. Tourists can stay at bed and breakfasts and get a ride on a monster truck or an old Soviet ZIL for an alien hunt.

RT correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov spent a fun weekend in Molyobka with a group of ufologists. Join him on a quest for an ‘out of this world’ experience, including touching healing pines, standing in a portal between two worlds and catching shining balls in the darkness.

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