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Our Big Russian Family

Fostering 30 kids

Over the years, the Falin family have fostered 30 kids. They take care of the children from dysfunctional families, or whose mothers are in jail and kids who have nowhere to go. Tatyana and Artyom Falins took in their first child in 2003. A girl walked up to Tatyana on the street and asked to take her. Then there was another girl and another boy.

They find a place in their home even for those kids who couldn’t adjust to other families because their psychological trauma was too much to handle. For example, Alyona had severe attachment disorder, she was brought back six times, and only the Falins could find the right approach and enough patience to heal her wounds. All the kids who the Falins have fostered see them as their parents and even want to come back to them from other countries. Tatyana and Artyom also monitor their wards’ lives to ensure they are doing okay.

What does it feel like raising such a big and diverse family? Watch our documentary to find the answers.