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Qatar 2022: Football Fever

How Qatar, the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup, is getting ready for the event

In the run-up to the FIFA WORLD CUP-2022, RT correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov took a trip to Qatar to explore whether such an unconventional choice to host the next tournament will work. And he was pleasantly surprised.

Qatar is a tiny and rich country thanks to vast natural gas reserves. The government makes a point to evenly distribute the money from the natural resources between all the citizens, so Qatar’s population is one of the richest. Money is spent on people, education, sports, and football in particular. So, it’s no wonder that when it came to organising the country for the upcoming World Cup, everyone did their best to be in perfect shape.
For games, eight stadiums are being built, with seven built from scratch. After the competition, they’ll be transformed to seat 15,000 instead of 40,000, which seems more reasonable for a country with around 3 million people. Amazingly enough, one of the stadiums will be portable, as it is being made out of cargo ship containers. It’s being constructed from steel for security and durability, and all the facilities, like dressing rooms and bathrooms, are in separate boxes. The whole construction can be taken down at any moment and moved to another place.

Qatar’s football team is young and hasn’t proved itself in any major sporting event, aside from the 2019 AsianCup when it beat Japan by two goals. However, they’re confident the 2022 World Cup will be lucky. Though the host country host has privileges, Qatar’s team is determined to make it to at least the last eight. And they can believe that as Qatar has one of the fanciest sports academies with state-of-the-art equipment and physical therapists assigned to each student.

The Qataris are excited to welcome visitors from other countries and are eager to celebrate cultural diversity. However, some peculiarities typical of the country still raise concerns, but they all already have solutions. For example, how is the government prepared to handle the alcohol ban during the 2022 World Cup? Also, is Qatar ready to manage the scorching summer temperature that might bother or even be dangerous for the players and the fans? Find out the answers in our film!

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