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Russia: 85 Adventures

Exploring the country's top landmarks

Why is an ascent of mount Elbrus, the highest in Europe, counted in hours? Why do future UFC champions train at high altitude? Why do you need butter to appease spirits in Buryatia? You’ll find all the answers, and more, if you join us. Russia is known for its many landmarks, but they have never been grouped into a single journey before. Russia Beyond did just that. They travelled the country to experience unique adventures in all corners of Russia as part of their Russia: 85 Adventures project.

The team visits the birthplace of 29-time UFC champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov in Dagestan and takes a dog sled ride in Yakutia. They climb Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak and go fishing in Astrakhan; a Buryat shaman teaches them to ward off evil spirits; and finally, they learn the secrets of making the finest wines in the vineyards of Crimea.

The film covers just 8 regions, but that’s more than enough to fuel any keen traveller's wanderlust and willingness to explore the many sites and activities Russia has to offer by checking out the Russia: 85 Adventures website.