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The Delphic Games

A behind-the-scenes tour of the creative youth marathon

The new film by RT Documentary, the Delphic Games, tells about the 20th Russian national creative and artistic marathon. The nationwide competition gathered participants from 65 Russian regions competing in 28 different categories, from oil painting and folk singing to data security. The Delphic Games were held in the city of Perm, which eventually topped the medal table.

The children and young adults from 10 to 25 who won regional competitions came to Perm to test their skills. Angelina Slepova from Tyumen came to show off white fish soufflé, glazed tomatoes, and spinach puree in the culinary arts segment. Her dishes won her three special commendations. For 13-year-old Sergey Antonov, attending the Delphic Games for the third time, it's essential to come back to his home city of Tymen with a gold medal. Sergey specialises in complex syllable sustained cossack and peasant chants, and his mentors say he is so talented he was kissed by God. Gadir Bayramov was planning a football career, but his music teacher said he should go to a music school because of his extraordinary vocal skills. When Gadir started his singing career, he turned to pop music first but later realised he had the power and resources to express himself deeper with classical music. And this is what he came with to the Delphic Games.

In the documentary, you will find more exciting stories of these promising young people who shared their talents and earned well-deserved prizes.