TransReality (E14): Transgender newlyweds get in trouble with the law.

These people are known as transgender. Some of those who identify as androgynous frequently switch their behaviour and appearance, and at different times may present themselves as male or female. Others are transsexual and are determined to undergo gender-realignment surgery in order to resolve the conflict between their assigned sex and how they identify themselves.

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Stas and Kirill (Kira) are both fashion models. Stas identifies as androgynous. He enjoys a good relationship with his family, with the exception of his mother. However, he is wary of strangers and doesn’t like to go out on his own. Kira's relatives initially reacted with hostility when she told them that she was transsexual and wanted to be known as a woman. However, she still hopes to make peace with her family and travels home to do so. Not only does she have to convince her family to accept her the way she is, she must also prepare them for her upcoming sex change operation.

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Through Stas and Kira, we meet other members of the transgender community. Kira's friend, Veronika, has already undergone gender reassignment surgery and is getting ready for a beauty contest for transsexuals in Thailand. Dmitry is a Moscow drag queen whose stage name is Camilla, while another Dmitry (aka Alina) and Alisa are an unusual young couple from St Petersburg. Despite looking like twin sisters, they are engaged to be married.

As the series unfolds, we learn more about their personal struggles, relationships with their families and whether they’ll eventually be able to answer the ultimate question of who they are: men, women or people of the third gender?

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