TransReality 15 October 2015 9 1803

TransReality (E2): Transgender model reunites with family after a feud.

Kira plucks up the courage to phone his brother and sister to arrange a meeting. After a walk around his home town and a reunion with Marina, a school friend who once saved him from committing suicide, Kira is ready to make contact with his siblings. The conversation is tense, but the result is satisfactory – they agree to meet at the flat where Kira’s sister, Alyona, lives.

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Stas’s dad pays him a visit. He takes his son’s “uniqueness” in his stride but he’s worried about something else. He believes that Stas has grown into a self-centred person who doesn't care about the rest of his family. Stas is hurt by his father's comments.

Kira, Masha and Kira’s childhood friend, Ksenia, come to Alyona’s flat where they receive far from a warm welcome. Nevertheless, a family discussion takes place where Kira apologises to his relatives. After a tense conversation, his mother, father and siblings make peace with him. However, they still can’t accept him as a female.

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Stas decides to take up charity work and goes to an old people’s home. It turns out he has never looked after anyone in his life before. The warm welcome he receives from the elderly residents reminds him that he hasn’t seen his own grandfather for six months.

Kira feels that for now only his mother is ready to accept him the way he really is. Nevertheless, he has managed to make peace with his relatives and is going back home in a good mood. His mother is the only one who comes to see him off at the train station.



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