TransReality 17 October 2015 4 1000

TransReality Episode 4

Kira and his mother, Natalya, meet up with a transgender friend, Veronika, and her mother, Marina. The mothers have a difficult conversation, in which Marina shares her experience of accepting her son’s sex change. Natalya still harbours a hope that her son won’t be as determined as Veronika and is just going through a 'phase'. Meanwhile, Kira consults his friend about the operation.

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Stas believes he needs help with battling his fear of going outside on his own and meeting strangers. After visiting a therapist, he challenges himself to go for a walk along one of Moscow’s most crowded central streets to see whether he can overcome his anxiety. Here, Stas remembers his struggles as a teenager, when he would avoid being at school or at home, and would often sleep on one of the local benches.

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After their informative meeting with Veronika and Marina, Kira and his mother visit a monastery where Natalya prays for her son. Later, at the railway station, just before boarding the train home, she offers to start saying 'she' instead of 'he' when referring to Kira.



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