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World War II Leaders

The hidden side of the Big Three relations

The film shows the complicated political relationship between the USSR, USA and Great Britain before, during and after WWII through their leaders, their confrontations and uneasy alliances.

WWII was when power was aggregated in the hands of the Big Three: Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. These political leaders played a crucial role in WWII and in shaping the new world order after. However, at various points in history, they became allies or rivals. Great Britain, in particular, considered attacking a weakened USSR after the war. In April 1945, Churchill instigated a study of how to attack the USSR, along with the USA. Stalin managed to reveal these secret plans and stop them from being implemented. In the meantime, when helping Great Britain fight Nazi Germany in 1940, Roosevelt drowned his ally with crippling debt with the lend-lease programme. The United Kingdom had to pay for destroyed weapons shipped from the USA. That, with some military and territorial agreements between the countries, led to the downfall of the colonial British Empire. Given the problematic relationships between the leaders, Stalin never trusted either Roosevelt or Churchill, which led to intelligence failure and resulted in the Nazi attack on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941.