Grom Special Forces | City Police Episode 5. What does it take to become a GROM special forces officer?

In his latest City Police quest, Alexander Nosik spends a day in the field with the GROM — the Russian special police unit. They’re called in to handle the most dangerous and complicated situations, like terrorism and drug trafficking. Since GROM is one of the most outstanding police divisions, there’s so much to look at the department gets two episodes. This first is about training, exercises and operational simulations, which are pretty similar to the real ones. More on how the GROM unit works in real life is in the next episode!

To show the tough life, the GROM units lead Alexander Nosik tried some of the tests operatives have to pass quarterly. He succeeds at some and fails at others. Proving to be a GROM “superhero” requires a lot of time, effort and discipline, and doing 80 push-ups, which is the standard quarterly test requirement for the officers, doesn’t just happen.

In simulated missions, Alexander Nosik experienced seizing drug traffickers and storming a building. Even as exercises, they can be dangerous for civilian observers, as operatives have to act quickly and getting in their way might be risky.

Aside from all the gym training and excellent physical condition, an essential aspect is an indomitable will, swiftness of reaction, and of course, a sense of brotherhood. “We are a big family; how else?” says Boris Shatnov, GROM unit commander. And indeed they are.

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