Grom Special Forces (Part 2) | City Police Episode 6. How the GROM squad works a drug case

The new episode of the City Police series hosted by Alexander Nosik has him following the GROM Russian special police team in the field. He joins an operation where the squad detain a drug addict and suspected pusher. The arrest was part of an investigation into a major drug ring. Typically, the operation is planned by the detectives working the case, and the GROM team handles the physical part — they detain suspects and protect the investigating detectives. Anti-drug trafficking is one of the GROM’s areas of expertise. It takes up a significant part of their training and is seen as a valuable asset for the Federal Drug Control Service.

Recent successful operations include discovering a stash of 4 kilos of marijuana and 40 kilos of hashish, worth 34 million rubles, or half a million dollars. After detaining the suspect, the GROM team has to search the apartment for evidence. The team has trained, so they don’t miss or misinterpret any significant pieces of evidence. Everything the GROM members find will be used in court.

Some GROM operations are very lucrative and are performed seamlessly. Sometimes there can be complications, or it can be a boring stakeout waiting for hours. Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the city police routine? Check out the new episodes of our City Police series every Monday at 14:00 GMT on the RT Documentary YT Channel or