Internal Affairs Ministry University (Part 1) | City Police Episode 8. Learning to keep people safe

This episode of the City Police series is about the largest law enforcement school in Russia, Moscow Police University. It trains for all kinds of law enforcement professions and can basically cover all the workforce needs of the Russian Ministry of the Interior.

Presenter Alexander Nosik spends the day in the classroom with Moscow Police University students and learns amazing facts about forensics. He visits the ballistics lab and discovers how a weapon leaves a trace on a bullet. He finds out which bladed weapon is allowed on board an aircraft and learns to distinguish between a forged document and an authentic one.

All this knowledge is taught as part of the forensic analysis curriculum; it takes a lot of time and self-discipline to master all the theory. Of course, for a real police officer, mere theory is not enough: Moscow Police University also has an extensive tactical training program. Students learn to shoot, detain armed suspects and free hostages. All these drills are based on years of practice and experience in the field.

How do you disarm a suspect without harming anyone? Watch this film about Moscow Police University and you will find out! To learn more about city police routines, check out new episodes of our City Police series every Monday at 14:00 GMT on the RT Documentary YT Channel or