Moscow Metro | City Police Episode 4. How the Metro police maintain order on crowded stations and in ominous tunnels

The Moscow Metro police are the heroes of the latest episode in the RT Documentary series City Police. Presenter Alexander Nosik spends a day with officers and learns the insights of their job and the secrets buried in the Metro tunnels. The bustling Metro crowd conceals many perps and weirdos the Metro police need to keep an eye on. The CCTV footage shown Alexander by the police reveals bizarre and negligent behaviour. Jumping off platforms and running into the dark tunnels are just a few examples.

In a mock surveillance operation staged for the film, the Metro police follow a ‘suspect’ from the entrance to the platform. Yes, the police are vigilant when it comes to suspicious characters, and it pays off. The Metro officers have apprehended several dangerous federal fugitives. The driver is constantly in touch with the police through the communications centre connecting each train with the dispatcher. The Moscow Metro also has an Incident Centre, which collects data on criminal activity on the Metro and assures quick response to any accidents or felonies.

The police work on the Metro very often seems invisible, but it’s there. What else do the Metro police officers do to keep you safe when you are not even looking? Find out in the new RT Documentary series City Police. Go ahead and check new episodes every Monday at 14:00 GMT on the RT Documentary YouTube channel or