Moscow Criminal Intelligence | City Police Series Episode 10. Where high profile crimes are investigated

This episode of the City Police series is about the legendary Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. It's over a hundred years old, and from day one, its detectives were renowned for their exceptional deductive skills and a high crime-solving rate. This is why MCID investigators became lead characters in many popular TV detective series.

The Soviet Criminal Investigation Service was established on October 5, 1918. After the 1917 revolution, criminality was widespread in the country. Moscow alone had over 30 criminal gangs. This is why over 40,000 people joined the militia, which was later reorganised into criminal investigation units. The Moscow Criminal Investigation Department became legendary after the revolution, as it successfully managed to contain criminal activity in the capital. The investigators were young and enthusiastic about the revolution. They wanted the new world to be the best it can be.

The history of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department even has a dedicated museum. Student investigators visit to study legendary MID cases, but it is just as interesting for anyone fascinated by criminal history. The museum has a lot to tell, from stories about the most famous serial killer cases to the criminal "ethic code" and the expertise of different thieves. Who were wakers? Or pigeoneers? Watch our film, and you will find the answers!