Motosquad: Russian motorcycle cops show how to catch suspects | City Police Episode 1

In the spring, Russian motorbike cops start patrolling. Famous Russian actor Aleksandr Nosik decided to follow the guys at work. He partners up with officer Vladimir Kushnir in the first episode of the documentary series City Police. Vladimir showed Aleksandr his BMW GS650 motorcycle or ‘Goose’ for short.

Being a bike cop isn’t only about riding fast or uniform. These guys need to have excellent riding skills. The members of the police bike unit joke are actual speed freaks! Chases happen regularly. When someone breaks the law and wants to get away from the cops, these men catch him in no time. Sometimes the motorcycle cops reach 240 kph!

Motorcycle policeman Vladimir takes his new partner to work and shows him how his day starts. Together with Aleksandr, they go out on the road, watching out for lawbreakers. Vladimir stops bikes and tickets them. During his shift, they help an ambulance that had an accident. The bike cops chase criminals on bikes and can stop cars and help at traffic accidents! Watch a new episode of Motosquad and find it out!