Mounted Police | City Police Episode 7. How mounted police catch criminals with grace

At first, it might seem presenter Alexander Nosik has strayed from the regular agenda and decided to show stunt performers training. But it isn’t. In the latest episode of the City Police series, we meet the 1st mounted police regiment.

They look very elegant and almost cinematic, but they have their share of duty in reality, and it’s essential. They patrol forested city parks where impenetrable thickets, creeks, marshes and ravines make it impossible for bikes or cars to go, but the horses overcome these obstacles with flying colours.

Besides, mounted police are the least expected type of law enforcement, and they appear when felons let their guard down in the middle of the woods. The police watch out for people drinking in the parks or making bonfires in the restricted areas. It is also forbidden to cut and damage vegetation, shoot, or drop litter.

The mounted police also maintain order during mass public events. They are on duty during an open-air concert or a football game.

In Moscow, there are 74 riders every day on duty. Officers work in pairs, and each shift lasts 8 hours.
The first Moscow Police Charter was first drafted in 1686, and it contained the Riding Units chapter — that’s the predecessor of the modern mounted police. They had to maintain order and cleanliness on the streets, hunted down illegal aliens and vagabonds. They also watched out for fistfights and shooting and had to prevent cabbies from entering the Kremlin. In the 19th century, the authorities introduced the rank of Mounted Rural Constable to enhance rural law enforcement.

Another essential function of the mounted police regiment is upholding the Russian cavalry tradition. The officers regularly train in stunt-riding, dressage and equestrian sports. They show off at parades and take part in competitions.

How does it feel to ride a horse in a modern city? What incidents can happen? Check out the new episode, and don’t forget to follow new releases of our City Police series every Monday at 14:00 GMT on the RT Documentary YT Channel or