Cyberwarfare and state-sponsored hacking | I am Hacked. Episode 5. Cyberwarfare and state-sponsored hacking

Cyberspace has long become a new frontier in warfare as our lives become more connected. Several countries have been developing cyber forces to carry out attacks, defensive operations and intelligence gathering. As a result, cyber weapons have become a reality.

In the new episode of I am Hacked, security experts and former hackers separate truth from fiction about cyberwarfare and whether it will be regulated. In cyberspace, ‘there’s no slapped wrists, no ethical responsibility to stop it,’ says Hadi Hosn, CEO of Axon Technologies.

China, North Korea, India, Iran, Israel, Russia, the US, the UK, and Germany are regularly listed as guilty in cyber incidents. Breaches of government agencies and infrastructure continue to rise. Find out more about high-profile cyber operations, including Shamoon and Stuxnet.

We also look at popular myths about Russian hackers and if there are really that many of them. This episode reveals how easy it is to disguise yourself as someone else.