How to Keep your Money away from Hackers | I am Hacked. Episode 2

Another fake email in your spam bin is not only annoying, but potentially dangerous. Phishing emails is the most common online scam that involves social engineering. Scammers’ tools are becoming more sophisticated and harder to spot. Even those alerted can be caught off guard.

Cyber attacks have surged multiple times during pandemic. In Russia alone, scammers stole $91 million from bank accounts in 2020. Most of it was stolen by using social engineering methods. Online scammers take advantage of human psychology, exploiting peoples’ trust, inattention or lack of knowledge.

Phishing, JavaScript sniffers, website cloning, ATM skimming, investment scams - learn more about fraudulent methods used by hackers to con you. Episode 2 discovers the nitty-gritty of social engineering tricks. It features digital security experts’ take on how to stay alert and spot suspicious activities online.