The Seamy Side of Russia’s Sex Industry | Price of Vice. Episode 4. “XXX”: for your viewing pleasure

Famous adult entertainment producer Pierre Woodman has almost singlehandedly turned Budapest into the capital of adult movie production. This is where famous Russian porn actresses like Kira Queen and Kiara Lord spend a good chunk of their time filming triple-X rated movies.

Russian girls – a moniker used for all women from post-Soviet countries – have always been the industry’s darlings. Woodman praises them for their good looks and admirable work ethic. But should you look closer, you’ll discover that the popularity of Russian actresses is to no small degree because girls from Eastern Europe are traditionally paid two to three times less than their Western colleagues.

Regulation of pornography has always been a contentious issue, which has sparked wide-ranging debates. Still, these days, when minors can access x-rated videos online as quickly as cartoons, the problem is getting out of hand. With some 25% of adolescents having clinical signs of porn addiction, we’re looking at the new generation with high leniency for ambiguous sexual behaviours and blurred moral values.

Watch the 4th and last episode of the Price of Vice documentary series to look behind the scenes of the adult movie industry and hear first-hand accounts of its stars and victims.