The Seamy Side of Russia’s Sex Industry | Price of Vice. Episode 2. Difficult truth about easy virtue

RT documentary series “Price of Vice” touches upon some uneasy topics, including prostitution in modern-day Russia. The sex industry lures its victims with a promise of easy money and leaves them damaged and unable to shake off the past no matter how much they might want to leave their demons behind.

Former and present working girls share their stories – some of them demonstrating facile optimism, others deeply disappointed in the choices they’d made. A former fashion model turned hapless adult movie actress, a Dostoevsky-loving porn star, a happy-go-lucky escort and girls working street corners in a small town – all of them share a degree of bravado laced with fear of what the future holds. Police officers, psychologists and social activists warn that apart from being a dangerous trade that’s cost many sex workers their lives and health, prostitution – no matter how glamorous the facade – corrupts people from within and leads to the moral degradation of the entire nation.