Red Alert | Abduction of Europe

Before European leaders imposed sanctions on Russian gas, it accounted for roughly 40% of the EU's energy imports. The ban on Russian energy immediately led to price hikes and had a knock-on effect on European economies. However, the damaging effect on European countries was seemingly anticipated by Americans. RAND Corporation, a research institution sponsored by the US government, in a secret memorandum that dates back to January 2021, indicated that anti-Russian sanctions were planned by the U.S. long before they were actually introduced.

In the fourth episode of Red Alert, host Anna Chapman investigates why the former Foreign Minister of Austria, Karin Kneissl, was forced to flee Austria and seek refuge outside Europe. That’s turned out to be the fate of European scholars or politicians who are not pro-U.S. or pro-Antlantist. ‘​​If you only follow the US line, then you're good. The others are all bad guys. That's the West's logic, the rules are simple. These are propagated in the media, so everyone believes’, says a political analyst from Austria, Patrick Poppel. Why are alternative political opinions in Europe no longer tolerated or encouraged?