Red Alert | Road to Deception

“There is the illusion of democracy [in the US]. There is less democracy there than I’ve seen, for example, in Donetsk People’s Republic,” says John Mark Dougan. He’s a former police officer and whistleblower who fled Florida and moved to Moscow in 2016. John Dougan is certain that Washington and its military-industrial complex wins big from conflicts around the world, including the one in Ukraine. That’s why, according to Dougan, American media giants do everything to compromise Donald Trump who criticised spending for Ukraine.

In the second episode of Red Alert, host Anna Chapman talks to John and other ordinary Americans and political experts about the power in the US and who it really belongs to. “Of course, there is freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And then, there is the funding of that very right. And for some reason, 90-95% of America's corporate media - just like Hollywood, by the way - is funded by Democrats,” says Professor Aleksandr Domrin from HSE. The episode explores how the Democratic Party controls mainstream media and shapes public opinion.