This is China Series

Green Initiatives. Saving the crested ibis and sorting waste in Beijing. This is China | Episode 1

This is China is back with a new season! In episode 1, hosted by the first American DJ in China, Rick O’Shea, you're taken on a journey across China to see some of the country's environmental protection initiatives.

The first stop is in Shaanxi Province, home to the crested ibis that almost became extinct in the 20th century. This fascinating creature, known as the ‘Oriental pearl’, was a common sight in China, Japan and Russia, but the large bird can now only be found in China. Thanks to preservation efforts, the population has risen from just seven to 500. Rick meets Zhang Yueming, who has spent 40 years working to save the crested ibis.

Rick travels on to Beijing to learn about waste sorting and recycling from Nie Yijing, the city’s environmental protection ambassador. They check out waste sorting systems in local communities and visit a waste treatment plant. Rick also visits artist, Tong Kunniao, who gives waste a new life in bizarre sculptures.

Finally, we see one of the biggest wind turbines in the world and find out more about wind energy. On a wind farm in Fujian province, Rick learns how wind turbines are produced and installed, and discusses the future of wind power.