This is China Series

Rediscovering the Chinese countryside. This is China | Episode 3

Host Rick O’Shea discovers China’s countryside and traditional ways in the new episode of This is China. In Wuhan, he meets a couple who brought a traditional recipe for sesame paste from the countryside and started a successful business. Sesame paste or oil is an essential ingredient in Wuhan hot, dry noodles. They talk about how they left the village and now connect to the land.

In Shanghai, Rick O’Shea visits a farm run by a modern installation artist, Rita Zhu. She proves that farming and agriculture are the new black, reviving village life. Her farm has become a popular location for family leisure and fashion events. Rita grows vegetables and makes food, inspiring both urbanites and neighbours in the village.

Finally, Rick catches up with an old friend, who moved from Beijing back to his hometown and has seen significant urbanisation.