TransReality (E3): Transgender model prepares for the sex-change surgery.

Stas and Kira visit an exhibition by their photographer, Olga Sheiko, to find out whose portrait has won. Kira tells Stas of his trip home and family reunion but he doesn’t mention that his parents are not yet ready to see him as a daughter rather than a son.

Kira takes the first step towards a sex change operation by going to see a group of doctors. He hopes that, after taking some tests and gaining a psychiatrist's opinion, the doctors will be able to diagnose him as a transsexual and give him the green light to undergo the operation.

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Stas finally finds time to visit his grandfather, whom he hasn’t seen for quite a while. His grandfather is very interested in what his grandson’s been up to, and Stas tells him about the complexities of the modelling business.

Kira invites his mother, Natalya, to Moscow to introduce her to a transgender friend, Veronika, and her mother, Marina. Veronika has already had a gender reassignment operation and was supported by her mother throughout. Kira hopes that a conversation with them will help his mother to understand him better and support his decision to become a woman.

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Veronika was born deaf, so her mother first had to help her socialise and overcome her learning difficulties, then support her through her the gender transition process.

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