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Baikal Babushka. Songs of Life

Lyubov Morekhodova, the ice-skating Siberian Granny who went viral!

Siberian pensioner, Lyubov Morekhodova, lives alone by Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake. Living on the shore requires a lot of hard work, especially in winter, and the septuagenarian stays hardy and keeps her spirits up singing songs and ice skating across the frozen lake.

Ice-skaitng granny from Lake Baikal became internet sensation
After Lyubov’s friend posted a video of her online, journalists from Russia and other countries regularly visit Siberia’s ice-skating granny.

Lyubov’s ice skating has turned her into an internet sensation and drawn journalists from across the world to Olkhon Island where she lives. To see how this remarkable woman is coping with all her chores and media attention, an RTD crew travelled to Lake Baikal to hear her story.

Lyubov Morekhodova Siberia's ice-skating granny from Lake Baikal
Lyubov Morekhodova glides across frozen Lake Baikal on a pair of skates made by her father in 1943.