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Two Homelands. The Life of George Watts

Khrushchev’s translator who became the golden voice of RT

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The amazing story of George Watts, RT’s age-defying treasure. Born to Russian immigrant parents in Canada, he grew up on a farm during the Great Depression before moving to his parents’ homeland to help rebuild it after the Second World War.

RT narrator George Watts with RT journalist Peter Lavelle.
Veteran RT narrator George Watts with RT journalist Peter Lavelle, who grew up in America listening to George's voice-overs for Soviet films

There, George Watt’s softly clipped Canadian English opened up doors to an incredible career. He got to interpret for Soviet and post-soviet leaders from Khrushchev to Yeltsin, and became the unmistakable English voice of countless Soviet films, and then, instead of retiring, he joined RT as the channel’s primary narrator.

The veteran broadcaster recalls unlikely events and meetings with history-makers and ordinary people and explains why he never felt torn between his two beloved homelands.

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