Quiz: When US law can be against you

01 February 2021 20:00
Some laws, even if they mean good, end up being exploited in the worst way. Civil asset forfeiture is just like that. Like the hero of our film Milking the Farmer, many innocent people have lost a lot of money because of civil asset forfeiture. If you haven’t heard about it, watch our documentary and test your knowledge of the American legal system.
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    What is known as civil asset forfeiture in the US?
    • It’s when the government takes your stuff
      Incorrect! Well, technically, it is correct. But be more specific!
    • An inside-government opposition group
      Incorrect! Give it another try!
    • A process which allows law enforcement officers to take assets from people who are suspected of being involved in alleged illegal activities.
      Correct! This law provides seizure without necessarily charging a person with a crime.
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    How much cash was taken by the Assets Forfeiture Fund in 2019?
    • More than $2 billion
      Correct! Can you imagine? Where do I sign up?!
    • The government only gives money! It doesn’t take it!
      Incorrect! If only this were true...
    • Around $500,000
      Incorrect! This isn’t even a half of it!
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    Where does some of the confiscated money go?
    • It goes to Russian hackers
      Incorrect! Russian hackers are not that powerful!
    • It goes to the local law enforcement, who helped get the money.
      Correct! This is why they are so determined to get the work done!
    • It is given to charity
      Incorrect! As noble as it is, it still wouldn’t be right
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    How was civil asset forfeiture useful?
    • It was useful in fighting drug cartels and such
      Correct! It was used to combat drug cartels and such since the early 80s
    • There is no way this can be useful
      Incorrect! Surprisingly, there is
    • People who tipped off the government about possible cases, got a special bonus
      Incorrect! Though we see your point!
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    What is one of the things the 1970 Bank Secrecy Act does?
    • Banks are obligated to buy you a chocolate bar if you open an account
      Incorrect! But that would be awesome!
    • Banks are obligated to report any cash deposit of $10,000 or more
      Correct! This is done to prevent criminal activities such as money laundering and tax evasion
    • Banks are obligated to have cameras in restrooms
      Incorrect! Thanks for that!
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    What is the Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers Respect Act?
    • It’s an act three friends made after getting into a fight with each other, and then it became law
      Incorrect! But that would make sense
    • An act that increases taxes for all US citizens
      Incorrect! But it sounds pretty scary...
    • It’s an act that aims to end the seizure of money if there is no proven criminal activity
      Correct! This act cancels the civil asset forfeiture practice and obliges the government to return the seized assets of many innocent people
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    You have room for improvement! Watch our film Milking the Farmer again and do better next time!

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    Good job! You’ve done an excellent job with the quiz. You might want to watch the film again to nail down success!

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    Perfect! How about starting a career in law?

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