• Since war broke out in Syria almost 6 years ago, a whole generation of kids has never known peace. They’ve witnessed family members being killed and their houses destroyed. Many were wounded and war has robbed them all of their childhoods. With no end in sight to the bloody conflict, their futures are uncertain.

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    Growing up with War: Children of Syria. The tragedy of kids who've never known peace.

    February 13, 2017 21 4609
  • These rats defy stereotypes: they’re friendly and cute, but most importantly they save human lives. Thanks to their remarkable sense of smell, the African giant pouched rats are used to detect explosives. Trained in Tanzania, these clever rodents are sent to countries where landmines left over from war threaten local populations.

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    Isaac. The Story of a Little Giant. Meet the landmine-detecting super rat!

    February 24, 2017 26 4804
  • For three decades, the picturesque and fertile land in the foothills of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius has been contaminated by toxic waste, illegally buried by mafia gangs. The resulting pollution caused a dramatic increase in cancer among the local population, including children. Finally, the authorities began to fight back against the ‘eco-mafia’, but industrial waste is still being dumped and burned here, giving the region its infamous nickname, the “Land of Fire”.

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    Fuming Felix. How decades of illegal dumping poisoned Italian land and people. (Trailer) Premiere 1/3

    March 1, 2017 190
  • For years, music was banned in Afghanistan as sinful, but now one school for children is planting the seeds for traditional Afghan music’s rebirth. Conservative views have left their mark, however, and the school and its young musicians face threats from some elements in society.

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    Dangerous Music: Reviving traditional Afghan music in spite of terror threats.

    February 20, 2017 9 3460
  • Some call it, “The Mine”, to others, it’s “the beast”, an infamous rubbish dump in Guatemala City, Central America’s biggest capital. For thousands of poor people it provides a livelihood. Raw sewage flows through the massive landfill and twice a year, floods cause deadly landslides.

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    The Beast of Zone 3. Gold rush fever at Guatemala City’s deadly dump.

    February 6, 2017 13 11239
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Cary Johnston goes to the dentist to have a tooth repaired and to teach you A Little Bit of Russian.
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