• In this episode, Pavel and Anna travel to Tajikistan, a former Soviet Republic. There, they join Russian soldiers who have been posted to the once-secret space surveillance station “Okno”. Built for the detection and analysis of objects in outer space, the station consists of several so-called “astrotowers” – domes containing powerful telescopes. 

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    In the Army Now (E10) Space surveillance station in Tajikistan

    August 17, 2017 50
  • Losing its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has made a pivot to Asia, opening up a new battleground. In the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines, two local radical Islamic groups pledged alliance to ISIS and captured the city of Marawi. Now deserted, the town once had a population of some 250,000. Residents are accommodated in evacuation centres, while the Army searches abandoned houses for militants and arms caches. 

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    Battle For Marawi. Civilians suffer while army battles ISIS militants in Philippines

    August 16, 2017 7 794
  • In 1994, over a million people were killed in Rwanda, when Hutu tribe committed genocide against the Tutsis. Today, there’s no tribal division here, with all the citizens calling themselves simply, Rwandans, and working every day on preventing the deadly schism in their society. RTD visits the first ever ballet school in Rwanda, where young dancers strive to realise their dreams and to give their country a better thing to be famous for.  

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    Rwanda en Pointe. 23 years after Rwanda’s genocide; peace, stability and ballet (Trailer) Premiere 21/8

    August 21, 2017
  • Anna and Pavel continue their posting at the military space surveillance station “Okno” in Tajikistan. They combine work with pleasure: stargazing while monitoring the movements of foreign satellites with giant telescopes. It’s all good fun, until the hot climate and altitude start to take a toll on their health.

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    In the Army Now (E11) Looking for UFOs with Okno Surveillance Station

    August 18, 2017 13
  • On their final day aboard a corvette, Anna and Pavel are entrusted with navigation. They discover there is more than one way of steering the missile-bearing ship. After brushing up on their naval lingo, they undergo an initiation ritual to be fully accepted as crew members. Before they disembark, Anna and Pavel are graded on their training by the captain.

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    In the Army Now (E9). Navy Slang, Corvette Steering and the marines’ initiation ceremony

    August 16, 2017 2 60
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Enlisting in the Russian Army to dispel military myths - In the Army Now Ep.01

Journalists Pavel and Anna are in the army now – the Russian Army. Normally, it’s out of bounds to civilians, but they’ve found a way in. Their goal is to try and test every myth there is about military service in Russia and find out whether they have any basis in truth or are merely invented.

August 7, 2017 13 672