• Members of Japan’s feared Yakuza crime syndicate are often portrayed as grim-faced professional killers in sharp black suits and dark glasses, but the reality is somewhat different. Meet Mr. Makoto, a tubby tattooed Yakuza mobster and ‘old-fashioned guy’ who shows how the life of a gangster in modern-day Japan ain’t what it used to be. 

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    Yakuza. Good for nothing. Hard times for hard men of Japan’s mafia

    October 11, 2017 29 8385
  • The art of engraving is an essential part of Chinese culture. Masters of this craft carve intricate works depicting China’s flora and fauna, its architecture, and the life of its people on a variety of materials, including bamboo, wood, and brick. Each requires special techniques and a unique style. It takes years to master the craft, which is often passed down within families. The best craftsmen and their masterpieces gain international fame.

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    The Poetry of Chinese Carving. Turning bamboo and brick into works of art (Trailer) Premiere 10/25

    October 25, 2017
  • For over 25 years, six friends pushed the limits, making the most challenging BASE jumps imaginable. No building was too tall, no jump too risky, no environment too extreme. Zooming through canyons in wingsuits like birds in flight, the daredevils felt unbridled joy and freedom. Over four years, half would pay the ultimate price for their addiction to flight. 

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    Gone with the wing. Wingsuit addicts rethink BASE jumping after 3 tragedies (Trailer) Premiere 10/25

    October 25, 2017 2
  • Bright outfits, accessories, and evening make-up... On an Indian street of red lanterns, girls as young as 14 dance for male patrons. But behind the ‘dancing’ lurks prostitution. The girls’ stories are varied: some need the money; others were sold into sex slavery, or coerced into ‘dancing’ by beatings. Every evening, they wait for customers to come choose which girl will entertain them that night. 

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    Dance, sex, dance. The Story of an Indian Street. The hopes & fears of Muzaffarpur's red light sex slaves

    October 20, 2017 3 350
  • In late 1966, Ernesto Che Guevara came to Bolivia to incite a guerrilla war, but he was largely unsuccessful in winning peasants over to his revolutionary cause. After 11 months, he was captured and executed. This film features the memories of people who met or had contact with this enigmatic, yet iconic figure during his final days. Their stories give insight into the reasons for his demise and his legacy in Bolivia. 

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    Chasing Che: Glimpses of Che Guevara in his last days in Bolivia

    October 9, 2017 17 4092
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The Kosovo Exodus: Kosovo migrants look for a better life in Europe

Kosovo, with NATO’s help, won independence from Serbia in 1999. In 2014 Serbia opened its borders with the young republic allowing tens of thousands of migrants to leave Kosovo for Europe. Their massed departure has come to be known as “the Exodus”.

June 19, 2015 7 1550