• They can hold their breath for several minutes and slow their heart rate to almost nothing. Free divers plunge to incredible depths with no scuba gear. They push themselves to the limit to break new records but despite the serious risks involved, they can’t resist the call of the deep.

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    Dying to Dive. Extended Version

    August 2, 2016 13 1418
  • The Indian state of Punjab is undergoing a severe water crisis. Once an agricultural leader in India, it’s now turning into a desert. Farmers and other rural dwellers are going bankrupt over the need to pay for water delivered from other regions. In this drastic situation, the number of suicides has skyrocketed, but the authorities deny that people are killing themselves over the water shortage.

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    H2WOE India's Water Crisis: A Warning To The World

    August 17, 2016 11 761
  • RT Doc’s Marina Kosareva returns to Greece two years after she was there as a reporter, covering the daily anti-austerity protests that accompanied the country's worsening economic problems. While the Greek crisis hasn’t been in the news much lately, it’s far from over. Ordinary Greeks share their feelings of dismay at their long-drawn-out ordeal and explain how they are trying to adapt to their country’s new reality.

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    The Greek Depression. Hostage to Austerity

    August 26, 2016 7 854
  • In Syria, there are more than a hundred militant groups fighting against the State Army. Unusually, President Bashar al-Assad has offered an amnesty to militants who surrender. Any who haven’t completed mandatory military service are returned to the Army. RT Doc gained access to a unit comprised of amnestied soldiers. Some joined militants groups voluntarily while others say they were held captive, whatever their circumstances, they all serve together. 

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    Amnesty in Wartime

    August 8, 2016 20 1497
  • This is a game in which the stake is human life. These people play with death. While the grim reaper stands at the head of the dying person’s bed, waiting for their final breath, volunteers from the Dutch “Ambulance Wish Foundation” arrive. They are prepared to fulfil any last wish of the patient. Completely free of charge! 

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    Last Wishes

    August 3, 2016 9 639
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TU 63: liquid-cooled supercomputers, memristors & new processors for satellites

In this Technology Update installment; the latest supercomputers need a whole new kind of cooling system, computer memory goes nano and advanced microelectronic technology shapes the next generation of satellite systems.

March 27, 2016 2 127