• 18-year-old Esteban Quispe Churata became world-famous as the “Bolivian Wall-E”. He is a self-taught robot maker who scours municipal dumps and flea markets to recycles e-waste for his inventive creations, many of which are inspired by movies. 

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    Roboboy. Bolivian teen genius builds robots by scavenging dumpsites

    May 29, 2017 22 7029
  • North Koreans say they’re the happiest people in the world. Their great leader is like a father who takes care of them and all their needs. They’re told that he’s made their country the most powerful and economically developed on the planet. A quick look at the World Wide Web or any international media might lead to a different conclusion but in North Korea, they’re banned. 

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    The Happiest People on Earth. North Korea: its citizens and official narrative.

    June 21, 2017 33 7239
  • According to ancient Chinese legend, Daoist monk, Zhang Sanfeng was meditating in the Wudang Mountains when he saw a fight between a snake and a sparrow. He was intrigued by the way the animals moved, their incredible grace and precision inspired him to create the Taijiquan style of Wushu, a Chinese martial art. Legend has it that practicing Wudang Wushu helped him live for 300 years. To this day, monks in the Mountains preserve the art, which remains imbued with philosophy, and pass it on from generation to generation. 

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    The Secrets of Wudang Wushu: Chinese Monks Perfect a Chinese Martial Art (Trailer) Premiere 30/6

    June 30, 2017 1
  • A group of journalists travel across China, following the famous and ancient old Silk Road to witness the trading link’s revival.  The route that originated in this country once connected Europe to Asia. Now, under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the Chinese government is seeking to recreate a modern-day “New Silk Road”. Key industrial centres are undergoing an economic boom and major megacities, and their residents are seizing the opportunity to develop new business and contribute to the cause.

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    Infrastructure of the Silk Road. China's old trade route revival

    June 23, 2017 9 1445
  • Sinaloa isn’t just a state in Mexico; the word has become synonymous with a vicious gang, the CIA says it’s the most powerful drug cartel in the world. Life here is largely dependent on what the gangsters do, and so is death. Superficially the area appears quiet and steeped in quaint Latin charm, but it proved to be one of the most dangerous places an RTD crew has ever filmed.

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    Narco-song of Sinaloa. RTD explores El Chapo's Sinaloa Drug Cartel

    May 24, 2017 16 5070
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Old and bold

They are not afraid to follow their dreams and live to the max. Instead of putting up with the fact their life is inevitably coming to an end, they seem to convince the laws of biology to freeze the time for them. 

October 15, 2012 121 263