From the iconic T-34 to the modern T-14 Armata. How well do you know Russian tanks? Test your knowledge!

21 December 2020 20:00
The history of tanks in both Soviet Russia and later the Russian Federation is exciting and compelling. Some Russian tanks, like the T-34 and KV series, are recognised worldwide. But do you know the history of Russian tanks well?
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    What is the most-produced tank in history?
    • T-54/55
      Correct! The estimated production numbers of this tank series are between 90,000 and 100,000 units. It has been used in many conflicts during the second half of the 20th century, mainly by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies.
    • M1 Abrams
      ncorrect! M1 Abrams is an American third-generation battle tank that is currently in service.
    • T-800
      Incorrect! That’s not a tank! That’s a terminator!
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    What did the Germans call the 'Russian Colossus' during WW2?
    • A giant Russian brown bear with an AK-47
      Incorrect! If Russia had armed bears in service - they wouldn’t need tanks!
    • The Soviet KV heavy tank
      Correct! During the Battle of Raseiniai in 1941, one KV-1 managed to stop the advance of the entire German 6th Panzer Division for a day
    • M4 Sherman tank
      Incorrect! The M4 Sherman is an American tank that was widely used during WW2.
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    What tank is provided to countries taking part in the Tank Biathlon games in Russia?
    • T-72B
      Correct! Each country that participates in the Tank Biathlon games, that doesn’t bring their own tanks, receives an upgraded version of the T-72B. If you want to learn more about the Tank Biathlon, watch our movie “Beware of Tanks!”
    • No tank is provided. Each country must bring their own tank.
      Incorrect! If a country doesn’t bring its own tank, they receive an upgraded version of T-72B. If you want to learn more about Tank Biathlon, you should watch our movie “Beware of Tanks!”
    • T-90
      Incorrect! But close! The T-90 is a modernised version of the T-72B. If you want to learn more about the Tank Biathlon, watch our movie “Beware of Tanks!”
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    Which Russian tank was first introduced to the public at the rehearsals for the 2015 Victory Day Parade?
    • T-105
      Incorrect! We made this tank up to confuse you!
    • T-90
      Incorrect! The T-90 is a Russian third-generation battle tank based on T-72B
    • T-14 Armata
      Correct! The T-14 Armata is a next-generation Russian battle tank currently in late-stage development
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    Which Soviet tank was used during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939?
    • A special bicycle tank with a flamethrower
      Incorrect! That’s probably too advanced.
    • T-34
      Incorrect! The T-34 was not yet introduced at that time.
    • T-26
      Correct! USSR supplied this tank to the Republican side of the conflict. The T-26 was the most important tank of the civil war.
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    Which iconic Soviet medium tank was first introduced in 1940?
    • Tiger 1
      Incorrect! The TIger 1 was a heavy German tank, that is also considered iconic
    • T-44
      Incorrect! The T-44 was developed as a successor to the T-34 and was first introduced in 1944
    • T-34
      Correct! This iconic Soviet medium tank was the mainstay of Soviet forces throughout WW2. About 85,000 T-34s of all variants were built
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    What were the drawbacks of the Soviet heavy tank KV?
    • It was extremely slow and hard to manoeuvre
      Correct! The weight of the tank limited many capabilities of the tank. It was also much more expensive to produce in comparison to the T-34
    • It didn’t have any weapons on it
      Incorrect! A tank without a weapon is basically a tractor.
    • What drawbacks are you talking about? It’s a Russian tank!
      Incorrect! But thanks for the vote of confidence.
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    Which experimental Soviet tank was planned to withstand a nuclear shockwave?
    • T-10
      Incorrect! The T-10 was a Soviet heavy tank of the Cold War period. This model was never exported outside the Soviet Union
    • Withstand a nuclear shockwave? All of them!
      Incorrect! But at some point in history, it did sound like a good idea!
    • Object 279 Kotin
      Correct! Object 279 Kotin was an experimental tank developed by the Soviets in 1959 during the Cold War. This heavy breakthrough tank was designed to operate on cross-country terrain, inaccessible to conventional tanks.