Quiz: Decoding America's most honoured Poet

29 January 2021 23:45
Discover and learn inimitable English language poets with quizzes from RT Documentary. What made their writing unique and why are they still glorified? You can now explore 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening', the poem by one of the greatest American poets, Robert Frost. Just follow your muse and fill the gaps with the missing words.
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    Whose woods these are I think I know. His [...] is in the village though; What is in the village?
    • Snack
      Do you think he was hungry, ah? But no.
    • Masterpiece
      So deep thoughts, that you are, probably, an artist. Nope, that’s wrong
    • House
      Exactly! Have you ever read it? It’s awesome
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    My little horse must think [...] To stop without a farmhouse near Any ideas?
    • It clear
      Wrong answer!
    • It queer
      Do you have a PhD in Poetry? Then how did you do that? Our congratulations!
    • Without fear
      No, the answer is different
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    Between the woods and frozen lake The [...] evening of the year. What was there?
    • Coldest
      We don’t know, whether he was thinking about this or not, but no
    • Biggest
      22 December, do you think he was sitting there waiting for the whole night, nevertheless the answer is no
    • Darkest
      Absolutely right, can you tell it by heart?
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    He [...] shake, To ask if there is some mistake. The third passage describes the horse feeling confused. How was it?
    • He gives his harness bells a shake
      Absolutely! Good job!
    • He rushed to give a stranger shake
      Probably, nevertheless we don’t know exactly, so the answer is different, sorry
    • He moves resisting constants shake
      It should be cold there in winter though, but no, the answer is different, sorry
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    The only other sound's the sweep Of easy wind and downy flake. The woods are [...], [...] and [...], But I have promises to keep Put the missing words in the correct order.
    • Dark, deep and lovely
      Not this time, sorry
    • Lovely, dark and deep
      How did you do that? Do you know every passage?
    • Dark, lovely and deep
      The woods are lovely, dark and deep
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    But I have promises to keep, [...] Gues the line that concludes the passage?
    • Before I sit, before I sit
      It’s cold there, won't he want to reach home in the first place, does he?
    • Before I face the warmest wind
      He was going to the South, but he didn’t want a vacation, we hope, not that time.
    • And miles to go before I sleep
      Exactly! Right! We appreciate your efforts, as much as your knowledge and your patience, Good luck! See you next time!
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     Well, that’s a good start!
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    Looks like you are a Frost expert! Congratulations!
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    Quite well! You definitely have a knack for poetry.
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